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Born in Southern California, but raised on Massachusetts' South Shore, Brian has been writing since he was a small child, often testing the boundaries of school assignments by writing fictitious stories in place of daunting reports.  He even invented an English poet his senior year of high-school to bypass the school's 'no self written yearbook quotes' rule.  Readers now know this poet as William Grave.

Thanks to his mother, an avid Stephen King and Dean Koontz fan, Brian was introduced to the world of horror early in life, and was instantly hooked on the twisted tales of both renowned Authors.  It was Dean Koontz's Watchers and Winter Moon however that forever shaped Brian's story telling style with strong character development and multiple story lines cohesively coming together by story's end.

As a reader, you'll find yourself rooting for, and often against the dynamic characters who make up Brian's imaginary world.  But don't get to attached, because standard rules don't always apply, and not everyone makes it out alive.

Brian lives in Southwest Florida with his wife and son.

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